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Here Is a New, and Mysterious Vegetable or Fruit in West Africa?


looks like of like a small durian (the stinky one :-) )


Looks like a soursop, but they mainly grow in Central America.

Bob the Squid

Soursop. Native to the Americas but grown in West Africa. The "eat it tomorrow" bit is probably their pigeon French way of telling you to eat it later because it needs to ripen.


Soursop seems right, and then again, i need to know the word in French, but realy in Ewe the local indigenous language.


I showed it to my friend in the Philippines - she had a filiipino name for it but soursop is correct - she says its a warehouse of healthy chemicals


they sell durian ice cream at an ice cream parlor on commercial Drive in east vancouver, BC. It really does stink!


Soursop ! When ripened properly they are awesome, you can use them as a fruit or juice. A So Florida Kid, I had my firist on while living aboard in the Bahamas for four years.


I will cut one them open, and make a video of the inside. I believe it is a Soursop, or Corrosol in French, the other day a woman in the market called it a Corossol. What is difficult for me with food is my gag response, generally I eat very bland food, or the same, and when I have to eat others, i almost gag. This is not good. Leotine cut open an avocado the other day and offered it to me. She is the girl in the Hotel, she seen that I arrived at the Hotel, and decided to feed me. She get the avocado, cuts is, opens it, and gives me half. Now, in this situation I have learn I must eat the food, or in many ways I insult the person. Not eating food is one of the biggest insults one can do as a traveler. I ate it, but still have not desire for avocados. There is an avocado drink made in Ethiopia where they put it in a blender. I believe avocados are a very healthy food, one the most. Well, I will make cut a soursop open, see what is looks like maybe give it a try. - I now know it is a fruit, and not a vegetable.


It's always better to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can and fewer animal products. From your videos, it seems there are an abundance if beautiful fruit and vegetables in Togo's markets.


They call it guanabana here amongst the Latino population or soursop by the white people in Miami. Generally I've had it juiced. You can taste the pulp which is tangy.

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