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Here Is a Good Example of What Paradise is NOT


I flew into LA about 15 years ago, as we approached from 50 miles away or so I thought there was a forest fire ahead. as we got over the out skirts of LA there was a sold blanket of dark yellow brown smoke... the plane came down through that, and just below that was LA..

It was so bad back then that your eyes burnt. Much of that is cleared up now fortunately.

I could say that if you bought a new motorcycle in that town, that as soon as you rode it onto the street the paint peeled off... but that is an exaggeration.. it took at least 20 minutes :)



The whole world is moving to big cities, I do not understand this at all, but it may be good for people like me, who refuse to move to confusion.


Yes, this is the same in India. The government has drastically reduced support to farmers. If they crop fails, they're left to deal with the losses themselves. Jobs in cities are plenty. Also, universities create thousands of graduates every year. If they don't move, they'll be stuck at a low paying 150$ dollar job.

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