Having Fun Making Solar Oven to Recycle Plastic by Melting


Hallo andy, I will bay one scrub djampe bij Amazone usa--but the dont deliver to europe--maybe you have a idee.......

island pilgrim

Did solar oven in St. Vincent. Used discarded fridge. Lined it with aluminum foil, then dropped a box into the door way(door thrown away), not touching aluminum foil sides. Lined new box with aluminum foil. Spray painted black. Put on glass door (only real cost). Without mirrors, 180-200 degrees. Mirrors are best, but also used aluminum foil could get 250 on good day. (between 10Am and 2pm) Could cook most things. Andy, you might have better success trying for a solar furnace, pieces (1" square) of mirror, stuck on plywood with poly sealant, with two screws behind to adjust focus. REALLY hot burn spot.


I only want to melt down plastic into manageable size, and hopefully mold into something the locals want. To have this be appropriate technology, the locals need to be able to build with the skill sets of a third grader. Buy the stuff, put it together, and be finished in less than one day, no special items.

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