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Haitham Asked,Did You Travel in Any Arab Countries? Can You Explain Trip to Iraq


Terrific background on the false propaganda dissimulated by the MSM and NGOs, Andy! A pity that it took you a little while to get started with your narrative (round about the 2m30s) mark of the video.

I think it might help if you write the themes and specific anecdotes down before you actually start filming yourself. I have noticed that, over the years, that you jump from idea to idea, without finishing your sentences. You raise points and then cut yourself off from answering them and then go to the next point.

You can assume that most of those people that watch these interviews of yours possess sufficient knowledge that they are interested in your personal impressions, like the valuable one in this interview that Saddam was a mass murderer and that he carried out these acts (mostly) against Iraqis and that the US was right in getting rid of them. Also interesting is the fact that you mention by name CNN and BBC as either lying or misinforming their viewers and the abject laziness of the reporting crews in moving outside their safe cocoons to obtain "the story". The BBC employed and protected pedophiles as did (do?) public authorities in the UK... so what can one expect?


What you seeing is a person without an agenda, 100 percent natural. I really have no idea what I am going to say, and just answer the questions naturally. I make them, I do not edit them, I do not delete awkward sentence because I want viewers to know I am not trying to maneuver them, or pander to them. Truthful remarks are full of normal confusion.

But the bigger reason, I will only make maybe 1 dollars off this video.

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