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Hadyn Do I Get Loney and Miss Domestic Lifestyle?


Hadyn Do I Get Loney and Miss Domestic Lifestyle?


Maybe a follow-up video, do you ever find yourself in a place that you don't want to leave/what makes you leave a place you love/are comfortable in?

I am very comfortable in the Philippines. Relaxed, friendly people (including single attractive women), great weather, inexpensive, high level of English. I have no idea what will make me want to leave at this point. Time will tell I suppose.


Just a few more days until I get to experience the Philippines myself, It is nice that you are enjoying life there.


Thanks Steve, a very well written question, with a real situation as a person who is living abroad right now. Hadyn I believe is asking the question who has not left, he is talking about a possible alternative, you are living an alternative, and for me, I have lived 100's of locations. Hadyn wrote again on Facebook, which is not a shared question, He wrote, "I was meaning do you miss a settled home life and all that sort of thing.?" I am going to climb a mountain today, and answer the question from San Jorge.. small hill maybe ,not so much a mountain climb.


Sex, Do you miss the regular activity of sex? Maybe that would be my big fear of traveling. I don't think I would be good at getting the casual quick thing going with the ladies. I'll be Honest ,,,Money is the other big fear... It is amazing to hear your stories! We love your videos and writings! It is amazing that you have somehow concord those 2 big big fears and stumbling blocks.


I liked your comment about having problems finding older friends who can still walk. I am 63 years old and love to walk. I am in Bangkok now and posted a photo on facebook of myself sitting in front of a Buddha statue. I received this comment from a friend, "You can still sit cross legged pretty good for an old guy...." LOL - people my age can not sit cross legged let alone walk.

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