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Hadyn Asked, How to Identify Liars?


Hadyn Asked, How to Identify Liars?

Catherine Todd

Where I live in Guatemala, I have found very few ex-pats to be "honest" people of almost everyone where I live. There is a small but all-powerful group of gringos that "run the show," and because it's such a small community, there's no place else to go. I'm wondering if I just need the leave the area completely and find somewhere else to live.

But if "everyone" is a liar (or 95percent of them) where to go? HELP!


Harry Truman said "if you want to friend in Washington by a dog". In small expect communities the fighting so bitter because the stakes are so small.


You seem a nice person. That might make you thr square peg. Too bad. There is much to like about the lake.


Love that video...
It is such an important skill to have living the hobo lifestyle. At it's best it keeps me from wasting my time with a bunch of BS and at its worst it can actually save my life. In general I found it to be a matter of self respect to be very picky with who I spend time with, and more often then not I have terminated new connections because they where not up to my principles. Catherine...there are those folks where I live too. They have no principles because they want to feed of each other. That is actually disgusting to me. Don't feel weird if you are the outsider. It speaks well for you.
I read this somewhere and liked it:
Better to have an honest enemy than a friend who is a liar.

Catherine Todd

Yes, Lawrence, I loved living at the lake for years. Every since I hit the eight to ten year mark, and started to actually do business there and build a house etc. I found I was hustled or ripped off more from the gringos than the Guatemalans! I had been "courted" the first couple of years when I first moved there, as I was a new single woman with money" (or at least that's what people thought) until they found out I was planning on paying GUATEMALAN prices, NOT gringo prices! This went for rent, buying a house and more. So now that I'm actually working with two businesses there, I found out it's a hard row to hoe with far too many people and the law is almost hopeless. Very little consumer rights or license boards if any.

So now I have to decide if I'm going to stay or not. I've invested so much I will probably stay, but will spend equal amounts of time back in the states or in other countries.

Angela: thanks for your comment, too! Appreciated what you wrote: "Don't feel weird if you are the outsider. It speaks well for you. I read this somewhere and liked it: Better to have an honest enemy than a friend who is a liar."

Amen! I am going to try and find my "center" again that I had before for so many years, when it really felt like "home," but the people I was closest too all died within a span of 18 months. They were older than me (75 to 85) but it was such a shock! Reminded me of how old I'm getting too. My do-gooding mechanism is just about broke too seeing how poorly funds are managed (or stolen) by far too many so-called NGO nonprofits around the lake and what they are doing in creating a terrible dependency culture on gringos that did not exist even ten years ago. There's so many things to love about being there, but so many things to not. We come bearing blessings and curses.

Catherine Todd

Lawrence, I can't tell what this sentence means: "In small expect communities the fighting so bitter because the stakes are so small."



The liars and lies are the entertainers on Lake Atitlan, it is fun for me to listen to their wild, often delusional lies, they often cannot separate truth from lies, so they will tell some whopper stories. If we expect people to lie, we accept them, and do not get angry because they are doing exactly what we expect.

Catherine, the 95 percent of people are liars includes the whole world, the USA, Europe etc.It is my opinion we need to expect people lie, accept them as liars, not try to change them to stop lying. For me, it is very difficult to accept aid organizations lying to get money, this is using good people. With USA people from Indiana I spot the liars and avoid the by habit. When I meet someone, I ask myself, is this person going to be an ongoing friend, the start watching if they say what they are going to do, and do it.

Jokers do not know they are lying, they think they are the 5 percent that does not lie, that is the reason they are jokers.


One would expect better behavior in the small community. Some of the best people and many of the worst people become ex-pat.


Hello Andy. Could you provide your amazon link for the traveling pants(with the inside pockets) that you recommend? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


I also find it easier, sometimes even enjoyable to listen to lairs. They used to make me made but looking at them as entertainment I get to laugh, sometimes even prodding them on to see how far they will go. A real life comedy, as long as no one is getting hurt.


we all lie, it just depends on the level of deceit. "Honey, does this dress make me look fat?" A lie but pretty innocent compared with "Please loan me $10,000" But the scum bag has no intention of repaying you...

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