Had a Good Time Talking to Gary, A Verified Member, and They Reminded Me Of Exotic LIfestyles


HeyHey Andy,

We've checked several climate reports and can't see much of an advantage of being in Lake Atilan vs Tucson during Jan, Feb or March.

While Lake Atilan may well be a great alternative from snow cold Indiana during those months, many "snowbirds" arrive years at the same time in sunny Az.

We look forward to your blog/videos especially pertaining to how your Mom negotiates the steps and terrain of Lake Atilan areas you and she visit.

Gary and Patty Stamey, Catalina, Az

ps: as for "living in Paradise", it will certainly differ from person to person. The tourist is over joyed to travel to 5 countries in 5 days, the exPat tends to go to one place until they get bored of the area, a traveler continues their journey, some for a few days to a few weeks in an area to "feel it out", we've done this off and on for decades and now with the aid of the internet/cell phones/computers, life for the traveler/exPat and tourist alike has improved greatly with almost instant ability to find out the what and wheres of travel needs.

Back in the day, we'd often arrive in a new country/destination without a forward ticket or where we were even going to stay that night, but then, electronic communications was either not available or very costly[still remember using elaborate telephone systems just to wire $ from US bank to Thailand banks,etc].

Our easiest solution then was to stay at an above average hotel [Malaysia Hotel in BKK] where we could network with other travelers/tourist to find out where to go and at what price. Staying there for several days at most, then catching a bus to "Paradise" down the road...

I personally got tired/fed up with "local buses" and found out many leave at night, so you don't even notice the scenery, but do arrive early the next mornings and then the real "fun" begins.

While we never really gave up on local bus travel, we did avail ourselves of air travel when ever it was "reasonably" priced and some countries, taxis were not much more expensive than local bus travel.

After riding local buses in many 3rd world countries, we'd opt for taxis or air travel, occasionally a train[but trains tended to be similarly prices to jets].

In areas that supported tuk tuks, we'd opt for them 90Spercent of the time for short or across town,etc jaunts.

Most of the places we considered "paradise destinations" has corresponding weather, that is above 80F. We soon got spoiled when the temps would drop below 80F and where something other than a tee shirt or bikini was needed to stay comfortable.


I am glad you found your paradise in Arizona, The great climate of Lake Atitlan will be great for my mother, but mostly, I want her to make friends with the cute children girls of Lake Atitlan. When we talked about Thailand, I relived the exotic experiences of Thailand, Laos, or West Africa. And, my mother needs a more family experience. http://www.hobotraveler.com/194_02_Guatemala-Girl.shtml

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