Grace Asked If I Can Recommend a Safer Place Than Ecuador


You hit the nail on the head. First the crime topic which all has to do with specific location, time of day and YOUR OWN behavior. Secondly the USA is a far safer place because you have justice and civil rights as a natural born citizen. Overseas you have no protection especially in corrupt countries where the locals will trounce all over you. Living as an expat in a highly promoted Latin retirement destination was the worst decision I ever made. Stick with less promoted places, even those "dangerous" ones that the flock is too afraid to set foot in. You will find the best people there (humble and welcoming locals and open minded expats) and a better quality of life. Or better yet, stay put in your home country because pound for pound the USA is superior in most aspects. Don't throw out the baby with the bath water.


Kadus, very good. I am always amazed, the expats always talk about corruption abroad, seldom talk about, or know of actual corruption in the USA, but think the corrupt nations on better. Crazy.. We have protection of our rights, that is why so many people scream all the time in the USA, they get results. Overseas, nobody screams, because they can get killed, or disappear.


Most of the corruption in developed countries is high level and hidden. It's there but not in your face. In less developed countries corruption is everywhere and part of the culture. Bribes are expected to get things done in a reasonable time. Otherwise you have to wait. Shakedowns, extortion, juego viva are common place unless you live in an isolated gringo community. Even then eventually you will have to interface with the local system and hire contractors and face the "cultural differences". It is shocking the stories I hear including my own experiences regarding attorneys and "professional" services. It would be jail time in any developed country but in these parts it's business as usual, the wild west. Then there are the fellow expats to contend with. A lot of home country bashers who don't realize where they came from gave them the opportunity, education and work ethic that defines who they are today. Don't bite the hand that fed you. Overall there are some great aspects of being an expat and some not so great. It's not a slam dunk call.

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