Gladys A Asked, Can I Live on 1700 USD S.S. Per Month for World Travel Lifestyle


hi andy-just to let you know-i love watching your videos. i feel that i am living vilcariously through you. i feel like i am traveling the world with you. i find it fascinating and interesting! keep up the great work! sincerely,sue polansky


I am having fun learning how to capture examples of what I am seeing. I am taking 5 second stills, or 10 and it seems to be working. Thanks, Andy


Just booked my flight from Vancouver to Guatemala... will be on Lake Atitlan from Nov through Feb!


I should be in Guatemala, on Lake Atitlan around the 15th of January, we can meet. Thanks Andy


Hi Andy

I'm in a wonderful place called Ramnicu Sarat Romania and I've rented a fully, fully furnished 1 bedroom apt ( Queen bed) all linen, washing machine, iron/ironing board, shower, two TVs, full kitchen with an American style refrig (dishes included) for 250 Euros a month. Wifi I pay 10 Euros a month, utilities around 8 Euros a month. Peaceful with a grcery store at the end of the block. I'll be here until December and then to Yuctan.

LIving inexpensively, as you have said many times is very doable.

JDI I tell everyone that ask me how I do it (JUST DO IT)



I mean Yucatan


Jerry, living the life, way to do it. It is amazing how many people just don't get it, it is cheaper to live outside the USA than inside.


I find most American's to be xenophobes still beliving the lie that America is the greatest land in the world.

In the 70s I remember seeing a sign that said, "AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!" So I did.

It's not that I don't love my birth country, but I love people of all countries. It's America that stopped loving it's people.

I'm going to Prague next month for the jazz festival, and then in November the International Filmfestival Mannheim Heidelberg, Germany.

How can anyone say that living 'only' in the USA is living the dream?

Looking forward to being in Mexico in December.

I hope our paths cross again soon.



Just to add to the taste of freedom outside the USA - in an hour I'm on my way to Bran Castle - aka, Dracula's Castle for a photo shoot with a beautiful blonde Romanian girl, that I met in Cyprus (I'll send you copies).

Live is fun and is great and inexpensive once you get over the fear of 'needing' that so-called security of the American dream.



Security is always a state of mind. For me, I feel more secure the cheaper the country. Andy


Interesting to re-read the comments from this video from last year about living on $1700/mo

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