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Eli Asked How to Buy Health Insurance Living Abroad? Lake Atitlan


Eli Asked How to Buy Health Insurance Living Abroad? Lake Atitlan


I really want people to write these in these boxes.... LOL, but I guess this is important, so I will paste.

Dr John F.
Hi Andy,

Enjoying your videos, as usual, but some corrections for you and Medicare:

- you can take Social Security at 62, but you CANNOT enroll in Medicare until age 65
- when you enroll in Medicare, you get Medicare Part A at no cost to you - it covers hospitalization
- Medicare Part B, which covers outpatient treatment (being seen in office) requires a monthly premium
- Medicare has deductibles for hospital care, outpatient treatment, and drugs
- this is BIG - Medicare WILL NOT PAY for healthcare outside the USA - in my opinion, this is very unfair. Canadian Medicare DOES pay for healthcare outside Canada
- The Veterans Administration is the ONLY US government healthcare that pays for healthcare outside the USA - a BIG advantage for expats who are vets

Best - John

Rick wrote me:
Hi Andy. Here's the deal. You do not qualify for Medicare until the age of 65 the current administration right now is actually trying to push that out if you years. You may not qualify for initial Social Security at age 62 either. If you do qualify and continue to work and earn an incomeyou will require be required to pay taxes until the age of full retirement which is probably age 67 for you. If you have anymore questions about this you can contact me at xxxxxxxxxxxx


Good video. We are expat teachers living in Kuwait and all the drug prices are fixed. We also have gone to India to buy a years worth of drugs. We go to the USA this summer and will probably have to buy short term insurance which is exorbitant mainly because my wife has chronic conditions. The expense of American medicine makes me want to stay abroad!


David Arnold wrote on skype:

Hi Andy, I am covered by this health cost program that includes 100percent of costs, my choice of doctor, and covers Anywhere in the World! I travel a lot, am in HK now, and will be out of USA for another month. With Liberty Healthshare, $199/month, that's it, and I have peace of mind. Just for you and the members to know about.

HMM, please, to share with the members, you folks need to put in the comments, sharing is not me, it is we. we is the members, and I, Andy is not the we. Share with we, not me, please!

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