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Eating Food for Vitamins Not for Debauchery Step 1 Start of Day


Eating Food for Vitamins Not for Debauchery Step 1 Start of Day


Wow. Just like you Andy, every morning I drink the following stirred up in a cup of warm water: two heaping spoonfuls of food grade diatomaceous earth, a teaspoon of turmeric, a pinch of finely ground Espson Salts for the magnesium and a pinch of Borox for the boron. Its nasty but I gulp it down and like you, don't drink the sentiments at the bottom of the cup. I used to also add sea salt but had to eliminate that from the mix to stop especially my ankles from swelling, sometimes my hands. I've also added cayenne pepper to this mix BUT then my stomach revolts if you get my drift. When I start getting the annoying twitching around my eyes is when I know I'm low on magnesium. Borox which is pure boron is the only form of boron one can find in the USA where we have misleading propaganda that boric acid and boron are poisons, only to be used as pesticides. If that is really true, then why do pharmacies sell eye wash solutions that are nothing more than boric acid? Boron builds bones and used to be supplemented in commercially made breads. Home Depot sells a cheap 99percent boric acid as an ant poison but unfortunately the 1percent they added is something to make it smell bad like a poison.

Your vid is great stuff about weight control, eating and food vs addictions!

BTW, the best and cheapest source for the diatomaceous earth here in the US is at the local animal feed store. Best and cheapest source for magnesium is to buy a bag of Epson Salts. Then I just grind up the course gains in my coffee grinder. Also, Borax makes for a great exfoliant on one's skin and in one's scalp when bathing. Instead of using shampoo, use a handful of Borax/boron and a handful of baking soda/sodium bicarbonate to scrub into one's scalp. If feels really great. I've even added some powdered clay to the mix. Your hair will come out squeaky clean! For a conditioner, after hair is towel dried, rub a pinch of coconut or palm oil into one's hair. Oops, sorry for getting a bit off topic -)

Thanks Andy!


I have always found bicarbonate soda, or baking soda, and have not found any serious side effect from putting on my body. I assume that anything that touches my body is absorbed, and backing soda is alkaline, it lowers the PH of the body.

I can get sea salt easy enough, which is full of minerals. I will check for epson salts, see if the are globally sold.

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