Eating ExtremelyTasty Bosnian and Herzegovina Food Ćevapacici in Sarajevo With Dario Novalic of Start Magazine


Hello Andy here some information about the Sarajevo ?evapi (che-vah-pay) or ?evap?i?i (che-vah-pee-tsee)

The best ?evapi in Sarejevo according to my Internet - search is in the ?evabžinica Željo restaurant

The price list of the Zeljo restaurant:

Here the restaurant where you went to eat:

Sarajevo ?evapi (che-vah-pay) or ?evap?i?i (che-vah-pee-tsee) recipes:

About Sarajevo cevapcici:

The Difference Between Brown and White Eggs:

Greetings, Arnold


Thanks for the great research, this is appreciated.

Hmm, I tend to stop at restaurants where beautiful girls are sitting, and reviews along those lines?

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