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DR, Why, You Said You Never Return to Dominican Republic

The first mission statement I wrote, over 15 years ago, stated that I would go anywhere I wanted to go, And not rely, question, or travel for the sake of anybody else but myself. We often travel to make other people happy, and we find we need to go home, because the person we needed to make happy, is ourselves. I knew when I came here this was a dangerous country the Dominican Republic is a broken place. yes there is good in any country, and I really went to Haiti, with the hope of leaving from Santiago airport in Dominican Republic on a cheaper flight. I only had to live here for 24 days. I always make the choices I make and I take responsibility for the Choices I make, I rely on nobody else's decisions but my own. I truly want people to travel, with the belief that the only person that's responsible for their trip is themselves. I especially believe that reviews, referrals, and videos can all steer people in the wrong path. When we know ourselves we know what we can do,