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Don J Ask About Girl and Fun for Travelers?


Hi Andy,

I'd like to qualify your response about Filipinas in the Philippines.

As you know I am married to a Filipina and I know men here in the Philippines that are from Germany, England, Canada, Australia, and the USA that are married to Filipinas. We are all older men. I am 69, and my wife is 24. Before I met my wife through my cousin who is married to a Filipina I had attempted scams played on me by two Filipinas. If my cousin hadn't insisted that my wife was different from the scammers I would have moved on.The men I know did not solicit for a wife in the bar cities. They met their wives through contacts, or by getting to know the woman.

The stigma about the Philippines and the bar girls is justified enough if all a person does is go the 'bars'. My wife is from a rural area of Bukidnon. Like her, the other asawas of my friends are also from areas that are not known for the bar girls. If a man spends his time looking at prostitutes he will get what he sees. If he wants the easy way out then he goes to cities with the prostitutes. If however he is serious about finding love then he uses due diligence and takes his time to meet the right woman - no matter what country he goes to.

I have been married twice before to an American who turned out to be a drug addict with many problems. My second wife, British, cheated on me and then stole my children from me in a divorce. Both had no problem spending my income beyond our needs. And both were from respectable homes. My wife now watches our pennies and make sure we are not cheated when dealing with the locals.

Most men who frequent the bars are only looking for a quick f**k and then move onto the next one. Those men are not attracted to a girl that wants to marry and live happily together. Some of these men do find that ‘Pretty Woman' aka Juliet Roberts and marry them but that is rare.. My wife has sisters, cousins, and friends that are always asking me if I know a Kano like me they can meet. They refuse to go to the bar cities to look for a husband. These are good women who will make great wives, lovers and companions.

I know that most Western minds, especially some women, will see an older man married to a young Filipina and suspect she's a gold digger. I understand this as these people have only their limited Western experiences.

I have met women almost all over the world. In Romania, she was a very intelligent gold digger. In Dominican Republic, they were all gold diggers I met. Costa Rica was better, but most were already engaged to a nice man. It is only natural in the poorer countries for bar girls to look for a sugar daddy.

I can without being biased that the real Filipina is truly a woman you can trust, respect, and know when she says she loves you she means it. Many Filipinas, if need be, will go to work to help the family income - would a gold digger be willing to do that? I can also say unequivocally that I love my wife and she me.

The only problem I've had here in the Philippines is with the males - they seem to think they are entitled to the Kano's money or things because he is married to their sister/daughter. Sadly, it is built within the culture that males are not educated to care for themselves. The parents do not kick the males out when they are old enough and continue to support them and their lifestyle. The women are taught to continue to care for the males despite the males are often lazy.

Let me know Andy when you're ready to meet a wonderful woman.


Everything you said is correct. The problem for most men, and most women is the drinking. When they go to bars in the Philippines, they end up following the group, and buying girls, and often marrying them. I do not drink alcohol, and seldom go to the bars.. Manly because I wake up at 4:00 am, and like the day life, not the night life.

Each person alive need to make their decision about relationships, I have never married, so no relationship debris in my wake, children, support, anger, etc. My life is great, and for that I am grateful.

I like the Philippines because they speak English, they sell American food, have all the products needed to live, and the people are happy. I enjoy all the American military there. I have been to most of major islands, maybe about 100 cities, and am quite sure I know the country more than the boys hanging out in the bars. I do not want to live there. As for me I am sort of bored with Asian culture, life is cluttered in Asia because of the extreme amount of people, and expats.


You are so right about the Philippines and Asia becoming cluttered with expats. LOL THat's one of the reason if someone asked me for the best place to live I'd send them to Europe so I can keep this place less cluttered.


I find my mind dwelling on Romania, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. After becoming to fatigued with the lack of knowledge of West Africa, I really want a country with books, and libraries. So the odd duck girl could become super knowledgable. Yet in the end, if they do not have a passport from a country that can travel, it is best to just move on. It is become more important to me, that women come from countries with passports that can travel. There is no shortage of woman on the planet, but there is a shortage of countries that are allowed to travel freely.


Sorry Scriptwriter, I'm already here LOL


lve dwelt on the cuba comments, l thinks it applies to the Philippines too, regards girls from out in the country people and families/woman/girls than bigger cities which attract those motives discussed to get to know men. also the point of countries willing to take people with no passports! a good thread here.

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