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Does Grapeseed Stop Sinus Headaches?


I have been reading that Stinging Nettle helps some people.


Hi Andy,

I don't know about grape seed to treat sinus headache but I too suffer from sinus problems like yourself. I believe that staying hydrated by drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day helps me a lot. For me, I have noticed that the humidity versus arid and dry has something to do with my sinus problems. If there is a rain storm coming.. I will often go into an air-conditioned room or heated room depending on the time of year to get relief and dry out my sinuses... and the opposite is also true , If it is too dry out side I find that a hot steamy shower or bath.... or humidifier really helps me to get rid of my headache. Of course the drinking glasses of water can be increased to 8 glasses per day when it is dry out but usually takes 24 hours to start taking effect. I am about your age and agree that chemicals and drugs are not for me. I hope this helps you get some relief and leads you to more thoughts on to what exactly causes your sinus issues.


Nasal irrigation works great


Hello, I will try drinking more water, i have not had on the headaches for awhile, but when I do, I will drink more water. I have the Grapeseed vitamins also. Generally, what works best natually is when I do about 5-6 changes at the same time. I will see about the stinging nettle.


you guys should check out Dr Eric Berg on Youtube. He is really amazingly simple with his take on healing the body by finding out the causes not just dealing with symptoms. I have a link to his videos on my wall...if anyone is interested


~600 ml of water on waking every morning, I have a bottle next to the bed for when I wake up. It's no miracle cure but you will feel better and if like most people you don't drink enough water this is the perfect habit to get into.


Water first things in the morning maked the blood function better.

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