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Do You Ride Motorcycles Abroad, If Not, Why Not?

I do not think there is a choice, if you travel the world, it is a type of transportation.


Do You Ride Motorcycles Abroad, If Not, Why Not?


We owned motorcycles in Cambodia and loved riding them. It was a good way to go to the market from where we lived. For us it was transportation. But a lot of our friends there took long trips, traveling through Vietnam and Laos on them. (Those were usually bigger bikes than ours.) They even went on jungle rides and had great fun. It can be dangerous, but a great way to check out an area as well. And riding on the back of motorcycle taxis is a cheap way to get around in the cities but I think it's more dangerous than riding on my own bike.


Thanks for answering my question. I am currently living in Ohio and primarily use motorcycles for transportation. I ride a 500cc Piaggio MP3. I used to ride a 250cc Honda Refex, but it got totaled back in 2010, near the OSU campus when I got hit by someone running a stop sign. I walked away from that one in spite of a broken ankle...

The driver admitted fault and his insurance company paid off my scooter and made the down payment on my motorcycle.

If I relocate to Central America, I'm considering something like a 250cc dual sport with good parts availability, as more exotic motorcycles could be difficult to maintain.



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