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Do We Need to Return Every 6 Months to Retain USA Citizenship?


Do We Need to Return Every 6 Months to Retain USA Citizenship?

Jorge Lehrer

Hi Andy,

You may remember me. We met in Panajachel a few years ago.

You emailed a video today where you brought up having an address in the United States where you can receive mail. I have had such an address. I use that address for all my business. Drivers license. Insurance. Vehicle registration. Credit cards.

That address is a public mailbox. My mailbox has forwarding service. I can have my mail and things that I have purchased online, forwarded to me.

Here is my mailbox address:

George Lehrer
1106 2nd St Apt 455
Encinitas CA 92024

George [Jorge]


Jorge Lehrer

PS: I fulltime in my RV and do not have a home other than my RV.



There is a 6 month/year requirement for getting US citizenship but not retaining it. There are also some benefits that expire after X months out of the country (SSI, SS survivors benefits for non-US citizens for example). Most benefits continue unchanged like regular Social Security, SSDI, and retired military and veteran disability compensation in general. (always verify your specific situation)

Getting a passport renewed overseas was easy for me. The US Embassy in Manila uses a specific delivery company which I used according to instructions on the Embassy website. Sent my payment, application, and old passport, 6 weeks later I received my new passport (with the extra pages) and my old passport with holes punched (old passport is now invalid but the visa in it are still good).

To give myself flexibility with travel while at the same time keeping stability with banks, the VA, IRS, etc, I have a mail forwarding service and a Texas address.

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