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Do Stupid People Have the Right to Live - Malaria


There are a lot of preventative tablets or jabs out there, some making travellers very sick....any suggestions on which ones are the best?


Personally, I do not take anything medicines to prevent Malaria, or Paludisme in French Africa. As I see it, this is just low level poison for the Malaria Parasite and bad for humans. The cure is too simple, and in most countries with Malaria, there are medical clinics, or just enter the pharmacy. I recommend the full on, 3 bags of fluid intravenous system of cure, and not just the tablets. But to recognize when one has Malaria is sort of easy, the eyes yellow, and the person looks like they will fall out their chair, they become weak as the parasites kill blood cells, and more or less cut off oxygen. Thanks, Andy

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