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Deb 275 Dollar Houses Live Abroad Need Transportation Friendly Lake Atitlan

People get on Craigs List, and and buy SECURITY, the idea they have a reservations, and locked in the price. Which, can be a great idea for 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month, but after that it become foolish. There are many cost to renting abroad, and you need to choose the neighborhood, and what you do, and not the house quality.


Deb 275 Dollar Houses Live Abroad Need Transportation Friendly Lake Atitlan


Thank you Andy for such a terrific swift response about the $275 house rental ad on Craigslist in Pana on Lago Atitlan that I asked you about. This is actually your 2nd video blog response to questions I've asked you, having been listening to you for about 2-3 years now. Really in the back of my mind I was thinking, "I really need to hear Andy tell me WHY this 12 month lease thing isn't a good idea." I knew I was out of focus but couldn't get out of my foggy thinking about this thing . For those of us still landlocked here in the good ole USofA you're our eyes and ears on the ground out there in the "real" world including the great group of Hobo members here whom I'm not able to completely list but that include Lawrence14 a caring man, RT Steve, Ed76 the fun writer/boat bum/slow traveler, PhilScott the sweet philosopher in Antigua, Butch Black 1 such a beautiful soul, GaryS, jfgor, JulieH, joiedevivre just naming a few. Also, I've just been so honored to have been recently contacted by Andy's Mom Graham with her kind message: "Anything sounds better than where you are. I really enjoyed Pana the year after my husband died. Go For It. Enjoy the culture. So happy I have a son like Andy who is always there for me."
I am so thankful for everyone. God bless, keep and watch over you all.


The 275 dollar house utube video is great. It really explains why I follow Hobo Traveler. In the universe of the web very few sources really give how to not spend money when living abroad. The words such as afordadable and questions like how much does it cost all over the web stress the MUCH side. My joy is with my meger budget I can pay less and simply have a margin of money left each month. This site inspires how to spend less and enjoy life.


The one and only, fool proof, expat real estate plan....

Plan on being at your 1st location for only a few days
Plan on not liking that 1st location due to price and/or location
Plan on looking for a place better suited for you in the 1st few days
Plan on moving a few times and living 'there' a few months (minimum) before you actually figure out where you want to live
Plan on having patience, looking and waiting until YOUR perfect place is available.

For me that took a year and I moved 5 times until I had the perfect mix of comfort, location, and price - for me. Some friends love it and wish they found it 1st, some friends wouldn't be interested at half the price, we all have our own 'best location'.

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