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Darrel Asked, Are Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Cuba Flagged at Sex Tourist Destinations


There are 1000's of ways to hide money. People want money in banks that use dollars, and Panama uses dollars. Money is not traceable, it is the wiring of money that is traceable.

If I wanted to put 10 million dollars in a bank abroad, i first go to collect money, and not put in banks in the USA, normally greedy people want to make money, so they keep putting it in banks to earn interest, so refuse to make it free of being traced. All is greed.

But, I can take 10 million cash, load it onto a boat in Los Angeles, sail down to Panama, and put into a bank.

But, I need a different identity, so I must buy a new name, new passport in a country that is corrupt, like Costa Rica.

I am 100 percent sure I am smart enough to hide any amount of money. Generally, it about being savvy enough to know when people are lying, and not just talking to stupid people.

As for me, if I had a million dollars, I would just put into a bank in the USA, let it sit, and not worry. I would have enough money to live until I died. And, I would go out and do exactly what I am doing today here in Georgia, the country.

If I had 10 million, I would start a cash business in the USA, like a bar, and continually lose money on paper.

All this is assuming, I want to have money the USA, or any government on the planet want to tax, take, or seize. This is what governments do, they try to take money, all of them, and the USA is the least dangerous, Costa Rica is more dangerous, which is the funny to me. But to hide money, is about breaking the law, and for me, I cannot be bothered, money comes and goes, but living free of worry is being rich.

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