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Dan L Going to China as Teachers Wants Tips and Much Difference Between China and Ecuador


Hi Andy, saw your video about differences between South/Central America and China (after 2 years). Thank you so much for the tips. We have 3 monthsleft here and then home to California for 2 months and then for next international teaching assignment in Kuwait. Good tips - I finally learned enough Chinese to survive and tell the taxi driver where to go. I live walking distance from school so never get lost. You were right about China being very different - my wife and I went to visit our daughter in Spain (study abroad) and it felt like being home! Even India is easier than China with some English being spoken . A lot of older middle aged guys who come here to teach find Chinese wives but being married for 25 years that's not an option-) I just wish there were more joie d'vivre here like in Europe or Central/South America- the only thing my students enjoy doing is studying for tests! Anyway, thank you again for your blog. My next question will be where to retire - Mexico or Costa del Sol in Spain (for a fluent Spanish speaker) but you can answer this later when you have time. . Best to you in Guatemala - saludos, Dan in Tianjin

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