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Craig Ask, Living Abroad With Nurse Age 70 80 90? #travel #nurse #love


Craig Ask, Living Abroad With Nurse Age 70 80 90? #travel #nurse #love


This is one of your best. I do not understand your anger with the obese , may be personal struggle. I think you have made a clear picture of why one would leave their natal state. One can make meaning human connection with expats. They are a ready made group that you can walk up to and say hi and 9 times out of ten you have a conversation. You will find friends.
Your income and U S. Passports make you desirable to local people. Are you exploiting them or are they exploiting you? Or is it a good match where you both come with needs that can be met by the other person. In most of the world I think a good match is highly valued.
Andy, I would love to see a second video talking about the dangers in relationships which are in bad faith as well as those that come with unfamiliar obligations-helping a extended family financially.
Super video. It can change your life. However wherever you go there you are. If you are a drunk in the USA you will be drunker abroad.


Geographic Cure for Alcoholism:
Moving to another location to avoid the bad influences, yet, the problem is this, he or she take the problem with them. The problem is their thinking, and the symptom is their drinking.

Ergo, this is 100 percent correct
"However wherever you go there you are. If you are a drunk in the USA you will be drunker abroad,"
- Lawrence

Why, there it is safer to drink abroad, you can often fall down in the street. The police do nothing, it is walking cultures.

Anger is fear. When one see anger, just think fear. I am 100 percent sure I can get fat, obese. If so, my social ends, I need to stop travel, I lose my job, etc.

Dysfunctional behavior, does not function, it is our "Thinking Problem." Normally, people give unlimited excuses on why they need to be excused. The person who says, "The buck stop here." This is functional, taking responsibility for ourselves, and others, expecting others to be responsible. Obey the law, have good manners, treat their body, mind, soul with respect and love, be civic minded, say hello to other, do unto others, as we would have done to us. As I so often say, "Wake up, and be good boy all day."

Everything we do in life depends on our emotional strength. I believe anyone can be anything they want, and I expect them do be what they dream. I expect them... I expect them to live their dream, and do not like to hear excuses.

Here is my collection of dysfunctional behaviors, it is like a book in process, I need to define each, and write possible solutions. It is a 30 year project. Everyone tell me I had a thinking problem.. When I was drinking, so I said, "Can you be more specific." This is my specific answer to my thinking problem. Fun stuff, except for a person that is losing for at their thinking problem. We become what we hang around with, bottom line.

Please note, I am not angry at alcohol, I have no fear of alcohol. I do have a heady fear of listening to wimpy excuses.

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