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Costa Rica, Rental Homes for 150 Per Month


Costa Rica, Rental Homes for 150 Per Month


Why would someone leave paradise once he or she has found it? Because you have a spouse who doesn't want to be there and you don't want a divorce could be one reason or because you don't want to leave all your friends behind or because you don't want to be too far from your children or...I'm still trying to get my wife to find a paradise outside the US with me. She just wants to go on vacation.


We have the same problem. In fact we wanted to spend next winter on Lake Atitlan, but we have looked into the details of the security situation and as we like to hike around, I'm afraid it won't make it. We don't want to risk being attacked with a machete out there if we make a hike between villages or picknich "in the boons" or hurry up home because it's 6 PM and night is falling. Now we are at a loss finding an adequate (and inexpensive) place for snowbirding (we don't want to expatriate completely, it's not possible for us to cut ties with the "old country"for all the reasons you mentioned).

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