Cory Asked, How to Get a Cheap Flight from Manila to New York?


Cory Asked, How to Get a Cheap Flight from Manila to New York?


I was actually wondering if Joroen was still around today as I was looking at options heading to the Phils. I was doing the same thing you were talking about, deciding what leg(s) of the flight to buy separately, which in turn now has me wondering if I should slow down and spend some time in transfer cities instead of hanging around the airport for a connecting flight only. (Tokyo or Hong Kong)


I am going to try to call Jeroen and see, his is having Visa problems in Thailand for the last year since they cracked down. Spending time,weeks is fun. I will stop in Ethiopia on way back from India to Togo, the transit stops are cheap stops, special stops are more expensive. Understanding routes, and where the plane has layover is important. Digesting a trip, not paying though the nose for quick makes a traveler. YET, I know that 99 percent of people need to go fast, they are on a short vacation from work, not on an unlimited time trip, so need the quick, fast, pay too much plane ticket. And, the USA is the McDonalds mentality, need it fast. I believe often for every hours I sit in an airport, I can save up to 100 USD. I save from Thailand to Chicago by sitting in Korea for 13 hours 500 dollars with the help of Jeroen one time. Yet, amazing a 500 dollar reduction in cost tempts less than 1 in a 100 travelers, sort hard to imagine not being wiling to work for 500 dollars per day. Travel is optimization and entrepreneurial in nature,like owning a business, only 1 in 50 people are going to own their own business. I will call Jeroen, I tried, but got a Thai phone message.I will try again later, he is ahead of me in time.


Thanks Andy, It also occurs to me that expanding a 13 hour layover into a 13 day (or longer) layover I get to take advantage of the discounted airfare to my original destination Plus "free" airfare to the layover city/country. Two destinations for one travel expense. It's the same theory as volunteering to be bumped off a flight, you get to the original destination later but receive a free flight as compensation.

In two weeks I will be back in St Louis for a couple weeks so if I decide to take the Hong Kong layover I have enough time to run up to the Chinese Embassy in Chicago and try for a 10 year Visa (price is the same as it is for shorter length). China has been on my "get there some time list" and the flexibility of a traveler has it thinking of jumping up to the top of the list. Pretty cool I think.


Steve, if you stay over in Hong Kong the ChungKing Mansion in Kowloon is a cheap place to stay. It's very centrally located and there are a number of places like it in that neighborhood, which is a direct bus ride from the airport. I was at a private apartment nearby that rented rooms just two years ago. It's on the MTR line (subway).


you can fly on air asia from manila to hong kong for 69 dollars US


Quick look $661 USD O/W on Expedia with Asiana, CRK/ICN/JFK if you can go on July 4. Bus from NYC to Albany with HG Bus is $20.


I checked travelocity for June 30. $674 to NYC on Asiana. 1 Stop Same route Alan posted above

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