Cold Water Showers Appear to be Healthier than Hot


Cold Water Showers Appear to be Healthier than Hot


Two links of reference on cold shower benefits:


I agree with part of your theory of cold water showers, but..concerning your belief that it leads to prostat cancer, well, exactly what does it lead to in ...women? keep an open mind, cold water does close pores, so evil things can't enter thru the skin..


Sort of oversimplified cancer. As I understand cancer, there are irritants to cell called "carcnogens," Manmade chemicals is the essential causation behind global warming, the desire to eat organic, even the taking of medicines is chemicals. What people want is simple answers, what I proposed is hot water opens poors, which make the bodies biggest organ ready to receive a plethora of chemicals. Soaps, shampoos. It would be better to see that is the sum of all the cumulative chemicals that enter our body that cause cancer, there is no single cause. What Dan pointed out was cutting edge understanding of heat, and cold, just a nibble for readers to think about. I gave just a nibble of idea of how many chemicals come in contact with our body. The breasts of woman are anlogous to the penis of men, the prostrate is an area of accumulation of chemicals, the breast is a place where chemicals can accumulate. Too many carcingens, and we have cancer encouraged, not caused, the chemicals are partners with 100's of other variables. As for me, I think a long time before I allow any chemicals to enter my body, and believe that car exhaust fumes, living in large cities is 100 times more of a problem then organic eating is a solution. As for open minded, or not, I suppose when a person does not read they are closed minded, but to close a minde is easy.


As you know I share your concern about absorbing chemicals though the skin during a shower. However I think you should consider starting with hot/warm water the switch to cold. Our pores and sweat glands are a means not only of cooling the body but eliminating waste is a major factor (I don't remember the percentage Barbara O'Neill quoted but I remember thinking it was much higher than I thought). So, hot/warm water to open the pores and clean out the waste/dirt then cold water to close and protect them would seem to be the optimum technique. Cold water only would trap waste in the pores and increase the possibility of infection.


Hello AlwaysRT, I think you are correct, best to start with a hot water, with no soap, then close the pores and use the soap. Yet for me, I seldom have this option, so eludes me, as I am normally only in cold water shower countries. Yet, I have been heating water for years, I am slowly stopping this.


Personally, I hate cold showers with a passion! (I'm a Southern California boy who can't take the cold.) But the evidence is in and I think it is undeniable: Cold showers are best for our health for a variety of reasons--or showers alternating between cold and hot water:

Not to mention ice packs, cold dip pools, jumping in an icy river, ice baths, and even full body cryotherapy--which I've done.

But what made me cringe--and I admit it was an over-reaction--was when Andy said he was rubbing the local African soap of dubious quality into his skin. Not that I worry about Andy so much because, let's face it, he is made of sturdy American mid-western stock with farm-boy strength. But I think he can do better. Or perhaps some days skipping the soap altogether?

As for me, I don't use soap on my body, except after training jui jitsu, after I've collected the sweat of several fellow grapplers on my person.

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