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Class 1. How to connect? ::: Course: Live The Good Life

I want you to learn; Therefore, I will recommend the videos of experts.

Last year, I was I was in the Smart Hostel in Odessa, Ukraine the semi Russian culture is sort of cold. There was 2-3 girls sitting next to to me, at this small coffee table, I say Hi to them.. And Eugene the owner asked,
"Andy, why are you talking to women, you create sexual tension?"
I said,
“I thought that was the goal.”
No, that is what I thought, I said,
“In my culture, they were so close, I need to say hi.”

Every culture has different rules, we can adapt.

Why connect with people?
1. Safety
2. Find wife, husband.
3. Get a job.
4. Buy, Sell
5. Referrals
6. Reviews of ideas, products.

Class 1. Connect With People.

Course Name: Live The Good Life.

What is my favorite way to make a connection?
1. Offer popcorn.
2. Notice unique in person.
3. Use body language.

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“Smart people do not remember every fact, they are experts at having knowledge at their fingertips; why learn something is you cannot find it?”
Andy Lee Graham

Best compliment,
“He never met a person that was not his friend.”

Take aways:
1. Safety, Trust, how to know you can trust a person?
2. We are wise to believe even our friends will lie for social status.
3, Body language is more honest than words.