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Clark from Philippines asked, Where to Make Money Abroad


Hello You and Bob in Vilcombaba are an absolute hoot! I love hearing you guys chat!

Did you have to sort of write off the family and friends to do the travel thing? Did or do you have a wife and children?

I am 51 retired from being a dentist in Maine at 49. Came to Utah to be around my wife's family after working in Maine for 23 years. I love it but I have the travel bug in me and want to go to Ecuador and maybe do basic dentistry and relax a bit. May not be able to convince the wife and boys , they are part of that american way" mentality. As for me, I voluntarily left the shackles of practicing dentistry in the states as I can not practice because I left the state of Maine breaking a "consent agreement" which leaves me unable to attain a license in the state of Utah or any other state in this country. If I were to retain you for a consultation It would be "Where do you think I may be able to practice dentistry and be rid of the American craziness? I love a less stressed and less uptight lifestyle. My source of income has been from a couple of rental properties I still have in Maine. I have done a couple of temp jobs that pay 10 dollars an hr that's about all I am good for without having a license to practice dentistry. Fun Fun

Ned the HoboDMD


Just signed on today I am waiting for my post card. ( - :


Thanks for signing up, and Bob is a hoot. I have never been married, but Bob was married 2 time at least, and divorced. He is living with a girl in Vilcabamba from Colombia. Thanks Andy Graham

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