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Christopher Wants Opinon on Import Export - The Red Tape Appears Overwhelming


Christopher Wants Opinon on Import Export - The Red Tape Appears Overwhelming


I would say that 50percent of the expats I have met are looking to find something to import/ export. The right product alludes them. Shipping is a matter of doing the work to understand the how. All the information you will need can be found online supplemented with email, telephone or face to face.
I found solving those problem to be fun.
My product was high value, time sensitive. I negotiated a discount rate on the promise of a growing business with Fedex, UPS,and DHL. I shipped many hundred of packaged to and from Thailand and Hong Kong. I had a 13 day turn around max. I would pick up and ship a model to asia. There a finished product would be manufactured and sent back. I would then deliver to the client. All in 13 days. I guaranteed it. I only had one package get lost for 2 weeks. One time the FDA seized a package once in the US and once in Thailand.
I allowed for two problems, i.e.,aircraft delayed by weather. I found it fun and learned a great deal.


You are correct, at least 50 percent of Expats are looking to import / export, I would say 90 percent.

It would be easier to understand if you told us the specific product you sold, and if one client, or hundreds?

My guesstimate is 90 percent of Americans wish to find the great idea, the great product, the innovative process, the web site that is the fountain of never-ending money. While here in Togo, West Africa 90 percent search to attach themselves to Church, Air Organization, Political figure, or marry a rich person. The entrepreneur here in Togo starts a church, or an aid organization, NGO / ONG.

Most expats do the same, they take the NGO / ONG path to making easy money, or they also religion based, and I call atheisim religion or even girls for sale as a web site. Most website assume they know how to live in Philippines, and will teach you so, even though they are only there for one year.

What is unique about me, Andy Lee Graham is I have earned money for 17 plus years, for 17 years I have funded by my travels by a few different ways Yet, for the 15 plus years inside the USA, I was self-employed, I do not know how to work for another person, it is not my nature, I am 99 percent entrepreneur, 1 percent employee.

To me, import, export or any business is easy, extremely easy in fact. First, you do not need money to make money if you start working, and refuse to stop, people hand over big piles of money. Second, you are willing to work for 3 years, and not make a penny. You must be willing to fail for 3 years ,and in this time, you will find the path to success for you, not others, only for you, you will find what works. Three, do not listen to anyone, every idiot on the block, every person you will meet, will say, you are making a stupid decision. Avoid them, do not talk with them. To believe in yourself is the art, even your family will not support you, nobody will give you a pat on your back when you do well. Only a newspaper article, interview, etc, none of your friends will appreciate your good work, do not talk about success with them. But as I said in the video, do 3-5 small, achieved goals per day, and never fail, and after 3 years, you will do great, after 7 you will get bored, and after 11 years, you will be a proven commodity. Note the 15 years of Hobo. Thanks,

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