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Nice to see your frequent posts lately ....My question this time is " How much does it cost per month to do what you do so the hundreds of countries where you can live cheaply. BUT you must fly or drive.....hotel, until finding a low cost dwelling...etc....So realistically how much per month does it cost to be a "HOBO TRAVELER?"
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Yes, I am answering more questions I think. Being in Pana with Mom Graham changed my rhythm, and I now have about 2-3 hours more introspection time. Where I am presently, in Kpalime, Togo there are no foreigners, so this stops about 2-5 hours of talking, making a lot more time for other stuff. The wall on the Index of Hobo has reduced the number of questions also, and if people want to unload questions, it is good time to ask. Thanks, Andy

Chris nomad4ever

Hey man, thanks for answering my quite generic questions in such depth! Living the last 12 years in various Asian countries, I'm still pondering on how and where to start with Africa.

I'll sit together with a travel buddy later this year to put some more meat by the bones. But how you described it Andy, it really looks like I'd start in one of the East (Kenya) or West (Togo) areas and leave the South for now.

Those islands off the East like Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagaskar look interesting too, but might add them on a later stage...

On a stopover in Cambodia now after 3 years Philippines, it's amazing how a bit of change of tapestry can revive your hunger for new adventures... -)

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