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Chris H Asked How I Manage Getting Sick Ruining a Trip?


alright I'll explain better. I left my job and was on a open ended trip that wound up lasting 3 months hopping around Southeast Asia. I was in the Gili islands in Indonesia and the refrigeration there is extremely poor and I must've eaten something that had me going out both ends for four or five days and made me intensely negative because there is almost no decent air-conditioning there as well. miserable. So not only was I sick which I never get sick but I was sitting in the sweltering heat in a dorm room without air-conditioning because everything else was booked since I was trying to wing it. I went back to Bali and stayed there a few more days and it just kind of put a bad taste in my mouth at the end of the trip. I went up to the botanical gardens and saw all sorts of awesome mist shrouded sights but it was kind of tainted by the constant nausea and diarrhea. I could've gone on for longer but I booked a flight home not wanting to contaminate anymore experiences. basically I'm easing into long-term problem. I save a bunch of money and then when a company outsources their IT support or something I go on another trip basically I'm easing into long-term travel instead of selling everything and diving in. I save a bunch of money and then when a company outsources their IT support or something I go on another trip or work short contracts. I kind of wonder if I want to do what some people here do Who work in the US for a bit and then live the rest of the year in Costa Rica or something to that effect


it's weird how the comment got kind of butchered by the comment system but the main message is there.


now that I think about it maybe this is a stupid question. I guess it's working off the basis that there's I guess it's working off the basis that there's an alternative to be in sick on the road


its really easy to get sick in 3rd sorld countries if you do not take certain precautions. no non bottled water, no street food, no dishes that don't pass the eye and nose test etc. after a few months you start to experiment and see what your stomach can handle. I believe people who were raised in poor countries have a stomach like a dog. they're able to eat and drink stuff I'd never dare to do with my tender western stomach. first few weeks is always the hardest adjustment. i


2 tabs of Cipro taken 12 hours apart should put right


Hello Cixcell, Chrs,

This is an excellent question, and your further explanation helped tremendously. Let me make a 2nd video answer today, Your question gets right to the core problems of long-term travel. We want to stay comfortable, at least reasonably, and if we get sick, how to manage it. You sort of walked into a travelers dead-end street, something I avoid at all cost.

GREAT question, I will make a 2nd video answer.

Thank you. Andy

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