Chicken Bus

Entertainment is provided free on a Chicken Buses in Guatemala... You may wonder Bus or Van, then try to choose, shall I listen to the drone of Tourist blabb...


Hi Andy. I always take the Chicken Bus. A private shuttle from Xela to the Chi-chi Maya Handcrafts Mercado costs 1 way about $25 or 200 Quetzales , while the Chicken Bus costs about 30 Quetzales , or $3.75, and yes, the entertainment is FREE! On the private shuttle, 10x the price of the Chicken, you get to sit 2 hours with a bunch of stuck-up NGO Gringos ( Los pejores de todos los Gringos!) plugged in to their Laptops , not speaking to anyone. On the Chicken Bus it's Ola amigo, que tal ? De dondes eres tu? On a Private Shutle -no music. On the Chicken Bus, I have learned most of the words to 6 Latino songs-"Guatemaya, quema Copal y permita que la banda llega a Babilonia" . Food is available, though I would stay away from Paches y Tamales, as they are overpriced and not well made as the ones you can get in your local tienda. When things get boring, a Precher will come along with "Hermanos y Hermanos , hoy yo te traego la palabra de Jesus, nuestro Salvador." I will not pay 10X more and miss all this entertainment to sit with boring NGO Gringos, no way! Viva Guatemala y que Dios te bendiga, amigo.--SAL53.


It is my belief that foreigners have almost a zero desire to share the same space with locals, even in their own country. They see it as below them, somehow to become dirty. It took me 15 years of travel to know that people in general never want to say they are the same as the group, most people believe they are special.

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