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Change Is Big Problem for Travel Because Bias




The average person only cares about 3-5 countries, then feel betrayed, that they wasted their time watching,or listening. More or less, an infatuation that is easily jilted because i actually travel. And, many of these people are regulars on many travel type channels, but as normal, Travel Writers do not travel, or they just celebrate expensive Hotels, and pretty pictures. It is fun for me, after years, I finally understand, the mistake I make for making money is actually traveling. Then of course, most writers, video people only give a LIKE, and people do not like reality. OK, the are planning to spend 3000 USD to travel to France, and I say something bad about France. This squirrels their confidence, and they blame me for telling them the truth.


I am new to the site and am open to whatever information you have on any country. There are probably more positive, uncritical people here. Keep on traveling and keeping us informed!

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