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Chad Asked How to Carry Large Amounts of Cash?


Chad Asked How to Carry Large Amounts of Cash?


In transit, I use a hanging string velcro multipocket passport holder inside my shirt for large sums of US $, my credit/ ATM cards, and passport. This is the one item I need to go anywhere, the item I would grab in case of a hotel fire. It's on a long sturdy string that can reach into my pants if desired.

I carry local currencies in snap shirt pockets divided by denominations, one side large bills,
the other lesser. I also carry lesser bills in my Levis front pants pockets, so I don't reveal my shirt
pocket stashes. I carry coins in my Levis coin pocket.

As for hiding cash in my hotel room, in plain site is the best method. I've used an oatmeal/cereal box container for years, stuff the bills in the bottom, cover with dry cereal.

I use a drop wallet with expired ID, credit cards, fifty bucks local currency, with a few USD twenties. That's the knife at my throat wallet, which I have never had to relinquish to date.

Never flash your larger stash of cash in public. Divide carrying locations. USD in 100's are the best currency to carry. The bills need to be like new, no stray ink, torn corners, fold damages, etc or they won't be cashable.

I never carry a wallet in my back pocket, it's used for Kleenex.

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