Center of Expat Universe Best to Live 1/2 Mile from It

Best to live close to center of expats, backpackers until you understand the city, renting a good house, apartment because it is beautiful, is not the rules, Location, Location, Location.


Center of Expat Universe Best to Live 1/2 Mile from It


Cool video Andy. I agree with the "want to be with people I can talk with". Being a hermit for me would not be enjoyable long term (nor healthy). However, I find that I prefer to hang out with the "locals" as well as the foreigner who are business people... The expat retirees don't seem to have the zest for life and exploring that I do. I agree with your desire to speak with "intelligent" people. That said, I am not the hobo that you are. I have my main job here in San Diego and travel for weeks to months in SE Asia - still exploring new places. I dig it, it works for me. I don't write nor video travel to be a professor, I share my experience, strength and hope. So far, so good :-) More exploring in the future! :-)

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