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Burned My Leg in 2nd Motorcycle Accident in Africa


One day renewable life, seems to be the standard of living in most 3rd world countries. I do like the term......


I learned that phrase from Sylvain P, who live in Lome, Togo. He is French, but has been living in Lome for over 8 years. It is like groundhog day, each day the people start their lives over, never remembering any lessons learned.


The lack of enforcing laws, or freedom from unnecessary laws in what makes Africa a more free place. Perhaps its not so much that the people there don't know past their nose, but rather they refuse to be ruled by others. That is something the Western world has given over to their rulers. There is a trade off it seems on Earth - either you live free with more risk, or you live with less risk in an "orderly" aka controlled place. Each one has to decide which one is more important to them.


Elizabeth....I totally agree with you on the over-litigated, too many laws, government knows what is best for you attitude of the west. I prefer the chaos of 3rd world countries and I suspect most folks in these countries refuse to follow corrupt police and bureaucrats who are only serving themselves. Seems that most institutions in the 3rd world are self licking ice cream cones....


I hope all you anti-law people are right now, today living in a 3rd world country. The police do nothing here unless they can make a profit by extorting money from people. It is only the toll gate mentality, I have never heard of a person paying a fine. But daily, they police just collect money from passing cars for doing nothing.

The problem in America is not the laws, it is the lack of free speech. Americans are just constipated from listening to the politically correct people.

I love laws to protect me against the people who have no respect. Otherwise, I must go over and beat them, and I will in the end, beat the people who need beat. That is why I can live here, I am willing to fight back, I do not wait for police to help me, because they never will.

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