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Hello, Andy

Budva - Presence of millionaires:

Locally, Budva is referred to as the Montenegrin Kuwait, because of the number of resident millionaires compared to its relatively small population. Following a real estate boom in the early 2000s, many native families sold their properties in and around Budva to foreign buyers, mostly Russians, Austrians and Italians. Once barren and undeveloped fields of steep hillsides are being sold for hundreds of Euros per square meter.
This resulted in a transformation from a once poor fisherman's village to a town with the most millionaires per capita in Europe, approximately 500 millionaires in a town of around 22,000 people. Many of the newly rich re-invested their money in real-estate, buying homes in central Podgorica and Belgrade, which resulted in higher real-estate prices in Podgorica and Belgrade.

The Russians invade the Adriatic coast

Half of Montenegro's property bought by Russians, claims paper

Russian money buried in Montenegro

Greetings, Arnold


I will never understand rich people? They all follow each other around sniffing each other. Budva, Montenegro beach is one the worst on the planet for a tourist beach. Sort of like the Caribbean Islands, for the most part old people, not the beautiful of the planet. I admit the Russian girls are pretty there. And, you would have to be a millionaire to buy them.. LOL A place I will never return too, for any reason.

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