Brian asked Where is Best to Work on the Internet, Vilcabamba or Lake Atitlan for Family with Child


Don't worry about visas. You can stay 90 days in Guatemala on your passport. Then you can cross into Mexico, visit for 3 dys and get stamped back in Gutemala for another 90 days. This is called a "Border Run", is legal , and is what most gringos here do instead of wasting time and $$$ in Guatemala City getting a visa extension , not to mention running risk of robbery in DANGEROUS Ciudad de Guatemal! Don't worry about "political stability" andays other Fox News BS. The Civil war ended in 1996! CRIME is the problem. Lago Atitlan is cheaper and safer then Antigua, like Andy said. Antigua is also very touristy and not REAL Guatemala. Come on down for 1 month to check it out before making big decisions. Good luck. Es mejor se vosotros puede hablar Espanol en nivel de commumicazion basico.


Sal is right, and excellent advice, come down for a month. I could not imagine buy a home after only being in one country.

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