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Bob of Ann Arbor Wants to Hear About Shades of Grey Travel, Or How Travel is Like Peeling an Onion


Before I got a clue and slowed my butt down I was guilty of being one of those checklist travelers. Not realizing what I was doing I got in the habit of coming home from vacation a day early so I could rest before going back to work. How crazy is that, needing a break from taking a break...


I believe we all want control over our lives, it is part of all humans to want control, it is natural. Readers ask question, trying to get more control, to find all the answers. It is the believe that education empowers people, that education saves the planet, that education will make us happy. And, here i am, Andy Lee Graham, often educating others on the travel lifestyle. I try to let people know, there is no one right answer, the only right answer is for me, your answer is right for you. But, as I read questions, I know readers want to make the final decision, to know the all encompassing answer. Which, is not possible.

Peeling the many layers of travel is confusing, and horrible for the normal control freaks, who want a well laid out plan, good reservations, and guarantees of prices, they want a tour, but they don't know it. They want to be controlled, and they want to control.

Humans by nature want a boss, they will do anything to stop having complete freedom. Freedom is not making any plans, just allowing the world to unfold naturally. To live each day, without a priority, to walk down the street, without a destination, be able to walk slow, or fast, with no time schedules.

But, this idea is hopeless for the masses, they want control, and lose their freedom. The more we own, the less freedom we have, the more we plan, often the less happy the experience. 99 percent of the best things that will ever happen in your life will be accidental, I want people to think about that, and stop planning, and allow serendipity, accidental happiness a chance to happen.


Finding the time to be bored, using that boredom for introspection, in introspection comes the realization that what we have been searching for is not what we seek. Only then can we find our path and understand what you are saying.

We are taught to grab what we can and hold on to it with all our might, trapping ourselves in the process. Only through perserverance and willingness to have and open mind comes the realization that the more we let go, the more we have.


Very interesting, Andy.

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