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Bob Asked, How to travel smart, and avoid religious fanatics killing you?


Bob Asked, How to travel smart, and avoid religious fanatics killing you?

Bob the Squid

Thanks for the answer, Andy. If I may summarize:

1. Don't be an idiot.
2. Know what the risks are.
3. Mitigate those risks if they exceed your tolerance.
4. Don't be an idiot.


Great answer, Andy! My summary is : Do not stand out and don't stay in the tourist (target) bubble.


Would you consider going back to Iraq? Does the current hostilities make such a trip a dumb idea or would the advise in this video work in even that extreme environment?


I would consider going back to Iraq. Dumb idea is related to why, most people believe it is dumb to go to Africa for fun, they can only go to volunteer. This is excellent questions, and warrants another video answer. Thanks Steve --- And trust me, 90 percent of people said I would get killed when I went to Iraq the first time, people seem to have a problem accepting their own limitations, and allowing others to be different.


A traveller wants to avoid sticking out in the crowd, yet many people buy backpacks that are very expensive because it saves weight. Seems like a bad idea. Andy when you carry a backpack, what kind is it? How many places you have lived do you keep everything with you in a pack at all times? Often or not very often?


In Hostels in Europe, I keep everything in the pack, then chain to bed. This is why I harp about lockers in Europe. Outside of Europe, I generally unpack as I live in regular rooms. I wil often use dog chain, or gun lock to chain my backpack to bed, then put a few things inside. If I really feel in danger, I change hotels. Making a backpack locakabe is the problem. Mostly, I do not want girls to rob me. I love safes, then give a target, and I do not use.

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