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Black Spots on Leg, Elevate My Broken Leg or Exercise Broken Leg?

Spots on legs


Black Spots on Leg, Elevate My Broken Leg or Exercise Broken Leg?

Butch Black1

Hi Andy, I will be 66 in a few days and have notice I do not heal from an injury as quickly as when I was younger. I bruised my lower leg while riding my trail bike recently and it swelled to my foot. I started to sleep with the injured leg raised and the swelling lessings. Get some advise from an expert in bone injuries that you trust. He would have experience in hundreds, if not thousands of bone injuries, also it would be good to have family close to help you recover.


My husband is a few years older than you and he has a lot of the black spot phenomenon ... he is a worker bee on our property and is also building something and banging his body. As you age this discoloration happens. my mother gets these really bad blue & black bruises as well. Our blood is running slower. But the thing you really need to worry about is getting checked out for blood cancer. I don't want to alarm you - but one and two men now we get cancer in their life times. Clearly our environment is not clean. You get a lot of radiation when you fly (an X-ray for one 5 hour plane flight) other exposures come through viruses that can and do turn into cancer. I just lost a second close friend the past 11months so I am far more aware of this and our doctors generally don't test for it at all - even though it is a pandemic. Cancer is the silent killer. You can't feel it until its in a later stage.


Andy, BORON from 20MuleTeam Borax -- can find at Home Depot or Walmart in states for just a few bucks.
Increases bone density, heals skin & much more, see or just google "boron benefits".
Just several days ago I started putting a pinch of it in my drinking water, a couple times a day. It works best with magnesium, soo I add a pitch of Epson's Salt also. Yeppers!
Almost overnight both hubby and I discover our former weak. splitting nails are like rock hard, strong & growing faster. He's 63, I'm 65. Hubby is diabetic and its been improving his blood sugar, insulin issues.
Also, take mega doses vitamin E. It increases blood flow and speeds up healing. In the past Hubby has had frightening leg infections that start just below the skin. He's had none as long as he takes vit E, about 2000-2400 IU daily best taken in the morning, otherwise it'll keep you awake at night. BTW, contrary to some warnings, E is water soluble in the body and according to a doctor I spoke to years ago who wrote a book about vitamin E, there is no danger in taking too much. Also, make sure you get lots of vitamin C.
We've been waking up feeling much more energized.
Check this out -- The Borax Miracle:


Here's a nice, short, sweet 5 min video:
Borax Cures and Health Benefits | How To Make Borax Solution


How to drink Epom Salt for magnesium:


Hi Andy. I agree with Deb V. I would also add vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is consumed orally. That is a super source of the vitamin C that is so essential. The distilled can be rubbed on topically, When you rub it on your face, neck, and chest, you breathe in some fumes which also will break up flem in the lungs and help keep you from getting a cold. Hope this helps and happy to see you have so many friends that don't want to see you spend all your money on frivolous "snakecharmers". Also, brush your teeth with baking soda to raise your PH.

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