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Benoit Says, You Do not Want People to Buy Real Estate Abroad, How About Real Estate for Investment?


Benoit Says, You Do not Want People to Buy Real Estate Abroad, How About Real Estate for Investment?


LIFE IN THE TROPICS! You know, all I have to say especially to people who 'lecture' me about what I believe or don't believe, where I live and how long I have lived there, et al. Is that at this moment in time I am paying my bills, all of them and if you ask me a question, especially a personal question, just be polite, especially if you wish a favor from me, usually advice that I am well able to provide. I told a young Woman from the US the other day who came on one of little Facebook "Free Speech" groups, after almost 30 years living in Central America one does get colorfula and sarcastic and the "Political Correctness" I saw growing at the University I attended in New York City in the 70s and 80s is just a foggy memory only to reawaken when watching Cable or Network News from the USA or getting jolted on Facebook with a snarky lecture from a sabetodo (know it all) one third my age, before I have even had time to have my morning Coffee! So don't be suprised if I 'block' or ignore most of you, at my age, stress can be a killer, I would of course be more than happy to Post all of the time what you wish me to say, as long as I receive about $700 a Month from you, which covers all of my normal monthly expenses, travel and entertainment! Until then, have a string of good days and I remain, yours truly, POLITICALLY INCORRECT TO THE MAX DUDE!


You want to buy Real Estate, make sure you can afford it! Make sure it will be a good investment for your future. Ask questions and in my Rinconcito of the world, I find 'divine' the Classified Sections of the Daily Newspapers, plenty of real Estate being sold o rented direct from the owner... just got back from Barber Shop $4 including Tip, great service and read the newspaper cover to cover!


I find very helpful now to those relocating to Mexico, All of Central America or Ecuador...with E Books, Articles and lots of Travel info as well "Viva Tropical" check it out not at all like our "Dear" 'International Living'.


Interesting, except that several seraches in Panama come up with nothing at all. Not much of a database, since there are a ton in the online newspapers



What about international commercial real estate, such as small shops, hotels, or even currently running small businesses?

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