Auburn Asked, Do You Ever Thnk About Medical Care When in 3rd World Countries?


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I am outside the USA, so not terrified.

OK, then driving a car would not be covered inside the USA.

Yes, I worry about sudden accidents inside the USA, like slipping on ice.
- Yet, I believe I can go the Emergency room, and they will treat me.
- And, probably not for follow up treatment.

I do not have any assets, and never will inside the USA, whether a House, etc, so they cannot take them away from me, and that is my choice, I do not like to protect crap, watch, worry, or think about it.

SO NOT DODGING, there is no dodging.

Money, and cash receivable I do have, so they could garnishee them.

Generally, I am 99 percent sure, I will not be in the USA until about age 67-70 at earliest, and 80-90 if I am lucky, and I will go right on Medicaid, and rent a room that is paid for with my Soc Sec, and receivables, like book sales, etc, and web page money.

I will try to not come to USA when I can slip, and not go jogging.

Thanks, Andy


Yes, I have heard about MMS for years. Tried it in Lago Atitlan a couple of years ago, gave me diarrhea. And, there is some logic to the stuff, it should kill fungus, bacteria in the blood Let me think I think it will raise the PH in body, being it is sodium chlorite. Personally, I prefer the baking soda regime stuff, more natural. There are over 13 ways to kill the malaria parasite, so not a claim to fame, even it it does.

Raising or lowering your ph levels, until you blood is in-hospitable to creepies, whether bacteria, or parasites, fungus, all is a reasonable strategy. However, using the word Miracle, sounds like marketing terms.

I often apply my "obvious theory" to things. If it is obvious, and common sense, and nobody really debates, then a better solution.