Auburn Asked, Do You Ever Thnk About Medical Care When in 3rd World Countries?


Correct perspective. Would advise a bit of modification. Yup, be terrified if you're in the US with no med insurance at nearly 60 yrs old. Be not terrified at all in other countries. Their docs can handle 99.9percent of things, as you say. The problem with the US is not getting sick. And it's not the car accident (the car insurance would cover your med costs as a passenger). The problem is slipping and falling on a sidewalk, or on ice. It's stuff that comes out of nowhere that do not provide you with a few days of time for research. Something sudden that puts you in a hospital. You can't get on Medicaid with a snap of the fingers. Probably takes months. And any bills incurred before you are officially on Medicaid will not be covered. So it's the fall and a broken arm that is the disaster scenario. That can be a $30,000 bill, which you can try to dodge, but whatever assets you have will be taken.


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I am outside the USA, so not terrified.

OK, then driving a car would not be covered inside the USA.

Yes, I worry about sudden accidents inside the USA, like slipping on ice.
- Yet, I believe I can go the Emergency room, and they will treat me.
- And, probably not for follow up treatment.

I do not have any assets, and never will inside the USA, whether a House, etc, so they cannot take them away from me, and that is my choice, I do not like to protect crap, watch, worry, or think about it.

SO NOT DODGING, there is no dodging.

Money, and cash receivable I do have, so they could garnishee them.

Generally, I am 99 percent sure, I will not be in the USA until about age 67-70 at earliest, and 80-90 if I am lucky, and I will go right on Medicaid, and rent a room that is paid for with my Soc Sec, and receivables, like book sales, etc, and web page money.

I will try to not come to USA when I can slip, and not go jogging.

Thanks, Andy


Yes, I have heard about MMS for years. Tried it in Lago Atitlan a couple of years ago, gave me diarrhea. And, there is some logic to the stuff, it should kill fungus, bacteria in the blood Let me think I think it will raise the PH in body, being it is sodium chlorite. Personally, I prefer the baking soda regime stuff, more natural. There are over 13 ways to kill the malaria parasite, so not a claim to fame, even it it does.

Raising or lowering your ph levels, until you blood is in-hospitable to creepies, whether bacteria, or parasites, fungus, all is a reasonable strategy. However, using the word Miracle, sounds like marketing terms.

I often apply my "obvious theory" to things. If it is obvious, and common sense, and nobody really debates, then a better solution.

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