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Attractive Toxic Sugar Baits Mosquito Trap for Malaria ATSB or Paludisme

This is appropriate technology, a simple mosquito trap adapted from the ATSB - Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait concept, and made workable inside a room in malaria / paludisme infested Africa. The locals leave their doors open during the day, this does not smell bad, and they will use it. It is to collect the mosquitoes hiding under beds.

Mosquito Trap ATSB Need:
Using Attractive Toxic Sugar Baits

1 clear plastic bottle
Scraps from fruit
Knife or pointed scissors
3 tablespoons of Boric Acid - Cockroach Powder

Video - Short Version of Mosquito Trap ATSB
Attractive Toxic Sugar Baits

Directions: Attractive Toxic Sugar Baits Mosquito Traps

Why fruit scraps? - Cost is nothing, and refueling is easy.

1. Easy to find, anywhere on the planet.
2. Nectar\'s attract mosquitoes. (Attractive Toxic Sugar Baits)

Why boric acid?

1. Easy to buy, or just use cockroach power, this can be purchased in most countries on the planet.
2. By adding a poison, it tells the locals that it should kill the insects that enter.
3. While the mosquitoes are trapped inside, the boric acid poisons them.

Why added water?

1. When the mosquito is near the water it will be poisoned.
2. Distributes the toxic boric acid around, and layers the bottle inside.
2. You can shake the bottle and drown, or kills the mosquitoes with the toxic boric acid.

Why this bottle?

1. The bigger the bottle, the less you need to change.
2. There is instant feedback, you can see the dead mosquitoes.
3. This can be used inside or outside, it is not a problem to be in the rain.

Attractive Toxic Sugar Baits Mosquito Trap