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Asked Mom Graham and Steve, Can You Live on 500 USD Dollar Per Month on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala?


Nice post. I have been to Guatemala but I sometimes worry I would be bored after a week (I am not sure how long I could look at a lake). Any good hiking trails up to the volcanos? What is typical day like for your mom or Ryan? My guess is for you your busy making and editing videos.


Funny, Mom Graham started out as comedians not because we were trying to be funny but because worrying about the budget was not necessary. You learn real fast that by making reasonable decisions to start with (marking off expensive places that have nothing extra to offer), sticking within a budget is so simple you don't have to think about it, making the trip even more enjoyable.


...oops, meant to start out "Funny, Mom Graham -and I- started out...


Personally, after spending years under stress and needing to constantly make decisions about everything, it was quite a relief to slow down and have the only problem be "what if I get board?" I am learning photography, need to, well want to, learn Spanish, and there are many places to go besides the lake. In the end, after a month or three the idea is to move to a new town/country and do it again. With the majority of the world within economic reach, how could anyone get board unless they want to?

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