Are You Rich Enough to Migrate Away from Snow Storms?


Are You Rich Enough to Migrate Away from Snow Storms?


I love your video of Orland, Indiana. What a beautiful small town.
Rex and I moved to Minnesota around one year ago from the Seattle, WA metro area. The winter weather has been a shock to me. Last year I wore long underwear from October-March and ended up putting on 10 pounds..
My question to you is, how much money do you live on every year (roughly) and how does one evaluate if they can live almost anywhere in the world? Yes, I know it all depends on your lifestyle, but do you have a rough idea on the range of cost/year assuming a modest lifestyle. I am pretty sure we could do it now, but it is a little difficult to assess these details that I am certain every person must before taking the dive. We would not work in each place unless there was a good cause to support. Thank you! Sandra


I can live on 500-1000 per month in around 200 countries, I seldom pay more than 10 USD dollars per day for a Hotel room. or apartment. I paid 530 USD in France, but right now for a month will pay nothing while visiting my Mother. There are 21 problem countries, and many islands. Here is an article I wrote just a few days with a map of the 21 problem countries. People are often addicted to purchasing, and are not capable of separating a need, from a want. Drinking and drugs cause mission creep on budgets, generally people who drink pay double me. Unhappy people pay 10 times more than me, I enjoy budgets, it is super funny. 4 billion people on the planet live on less than 20 USD per day. 20 x 30 is 600 USD Here is the map of 21 countries I can live in, but are more complicated.


I agree. Dealing with that stuff -snow- is insane. I grew up in Michigan. I hate the cold and the snow. Been living in South Florida for nearly 17 years and have no interest in heading north. When I went to visit my mom, I waited until the summer. You're making me question your wisdom. :)


LOL the snow is a treat especially if you are visiting. I really LOVE the music! That is SO COOL!


I have worked on outdoor jobs in Colorado for over 20 years.I hate snow.


Lol I'm still teaching skiing at Deer valley Beats doing Dentistry!! Too fun but I would trade it for Andy's life style in a heartbeat. Of course it may be easier for him as he does not have Wife and kids. One more son to graduate then it's off to teach English somewhere for My wife and I


Don't have to be rich, just have to be decisive and do it.

Sandra, I spent about $20,000 this year. This includes moving from Hong Kong to the Philippines, a trip back to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year, buying a motorcycle, Philippine Visa extensions, paying for a wedding, hotel/AirBnB/apartment/house rent, paying living expenses as a couple instead of single since March, buying home goods like TV, fans, 2 couches, mattress, refrigerator, water cooler, Christmas Tree, and a vacation/honeymoon trip back to Hong Kong including Disney. So an average of $1,650/mo, take out the big stuff, wedding, motorcycle and home stuff, the average drops to about $1,250/mo but still includes local travel, birthdays, food, rent, entertainment...


Rex and I really appreciate your comment with financial details. We want to develop a budget and , well, we have to start there. Maybe once we are sure of ourselves we will become a little more loose.


I am putting up a video answer on evaluation of budgets.

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