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Antigua Guatemala Walk, Girls Not Available to Travel World

Searching to explain an observation of women that are about the worst choice for girls to travel.


Antigua Guatemala Walk, Girls Not Available to Travel World

Page Turner

Today super nice day is July 31st. Can tell you a traveler. No need to care the date, day of week or time pretty much of the time. This is a really nice city with lots of culture and beauty. I had a really special visit here and was treated to a tasty meal at what used to be a church for monks I think by one of Andy's friends. The sidewalks were scary though, so narrow. Lots of tourists. It had the nicest Mac Donalds I have ever been to in my life. They served you at table. It had a large court yard. There was even a couple having a romantic dinner served on real dishes in a small private area under a tree. I still think everyone should go to Pana to learn to love the friendly christian culture with their tribal clothing. This is a few days of must see in Antigua. and enjoy all the heritage. A person can never visit too many different location when traveling.

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