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Andy's Destination is Lake Atitlan on Feb 1, 2017


Andy's Destination is Lake Atitlan on Feb 1, 2017


See you in April!


A couple of comments:

HOLD OFF ON APPLYING FOR SOCIAL SECURITY until you have done your homework. I am assuming you will be turning 62 around October 2017. You seem to be in good physical shape, and it seems like you could keep going on for another five years of hobo travel until you are 66.5 when you could receive 100percent of your Soc. security benefit rather than 72.5percent at 62. Depending on your current (2017) cash flow and savings it may be worth it to you to wait longer before you put in for benefits. There are many free government and retirement planning websites to do the math. You might want to go to two (2) Social Security Offices to get your benefit analysis. They used to send benefit estimate letters out to SSI payers, and even had an online site but I think they stopped because of mail/online fraudsters.

That said, the U.S. economy/government could take a hit in the near future, and most likely the politicians will just use the hidden tax of devaluation/inflation of the money supply to pay for it. In real terms, the US$ could take a 40-50percent haircut vis-a-vis other currencies or and the price of a loaf of bread or basket of goods could jump-up. Think a bad case of 70's bell-bottoms, platform shoes, and inflation of that era on steroids. So retirement at 62 might just be the one hen in the hand, better than two in the bush at an older age. Anyway, you've got almost a year to run your scenarios.

On Poverty Inc.: Every time I hear Bono open his mouth I get very upset. He wants European and American taxpayers to give more aid to those Land Cruiser phoneys at USAID and NGOs . Meanwhile, he uses offshore tax jurisdictions to pay 3percent tax instead of 39percent! If he feels so strongly about spending our tax dollars, perhaps he should give all those aid volunteers the $100K-250k compensation packages they really receive, instead of us taxpayers giving up our hard earned money to third world despots and cronies and their leftist enablers. Global poverty is down 75percent over the last 40 years because of TRADE! NOT AID!


Victor, I agree with everything your wrote about Social Security, and Trade NOT Aid! I finally am 100 percent sure that giving any aid, even a subsidized discount is bad news. We do have the ability to share information, science, and technology as Harry S. Truman outlined, without creating jobs for the locals, or giving financial benefits. Jobs created for commerce, or business trade is great, jobs created as work for Aid Orgs seems wrong, any job that is a career is good, but saying an aid job is a career give me the the willies, losing the plot. I am writing a book, and the more I research, the more I feel positive the big money is using aid orgs as a way to keep poverty working, sort of colonization by poverty, so they poor never can become competition, and always at best cheap labor. Bono knows, I think he is just "nice guy washing" his actions to sell his records, sort of like taking donations at the super market counter, makes everyone think the stores is caring, they may be, but giving is a business advertisement also. I realized while writing, I need to explain the problems of developing a country, to explain the Mama Says. Africa does not need aid, that is for tsunamis, earthquakes, nobody is starving here, but I do think helping them develop could slow down on migration, and keep the problem of urbanization at bay.

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