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Andy Lee Graham is too Cheap to Pay Doctors to Remove Staples

I am all about value, and I will pay any amount of money for a good deal. But I refuse to pay some Ding-A-Ling doctor in the Dominican Republic $250 to remove Staples from my broken leg, and broken elbow. I am always sad when doctors take advantage of people that trust them. But for me I never trust a doctor, I think they're super overpaid people on the planet.


Andy Lee Graham is too Cheap to Pay Doctors to Remove Staples


Andy, you might want to use a bandaid or medical tape to pull that small area that spread apart back together after cleaning. Mine did that and 'new' skin grew in to fill the gap. Yours is much smaller than mine so might not be an issue for you but in my case the new skin is thinner and more sensitive which causes problems from time to time even though it has been 18 years now. It is enough of an issue I sometimes think about having the area cut out and stapled back together again to resolve the problem.

Good job bypassing the ridiculous markup they put on very simple jobs like pulling staples. One of those things that seems scary until you know about it and you find out it is about as difficult as using a bandaid.


I've used some small wire clips to get rid of staples from shoulder surgeries I've had instead of bothering with a doctor. Usually they start getting irritating a day or two before the doctor says they need to come out. It takes no expertise to remove them. But some people are needlessly squeamish.


About seven years ago I had five major skin graphs to 30 percent of my body from a fire. My left leg was the worst and super painful. One night a really nice nurse had the job of ‘staple remover’. We counted 157 in the hour long ordeal. Each one stung with searing pain= almost as bad as the fire itself. That was just with the leg. All the other graphs were adhered with some new type of skin glue. Incidentally it was at the Wishard Burn Center in Indianapolis. So, I know somewhat what you go through in pulling your own stitches. I don’t think I could do it. You’re a strong willed, brave soul. Continue marching on, as you are an inspiring leader. Amigo Phil


No real pain, but my foot, bottom of foot is number, hard to feel, but there is feeling.


OH MY! Does that tool somehow take the staples from a converging to a diverging angle? That is really QUITE a rod of metal in your leg. Do you think that can be removed after healing? Is the Doctor concerned with the walking lifestyle that you have? No matter You KNOW you can beat this ! But MAN what a hunk of metal!


Andy, a few years ago I miss stepped off my back patio and broke my left foot. It was around midnight and I didn't want to wake anyone. I had to drag myself in on my stomach. The pain was something worse that I had ever experienced but I had learned to suffer thru extreme pain with no meds when I used to have frequent migraines. I refused to go to the doctor because I didn't want to end up with a huge bill and have to cope with a cast. I did have my friends at the chiropractic school xray it for me for free and confirmed it was broken. The throbbing pain was unrelenting for 10 days to 2 weeks. I kept it elevated and used ice and compression when able to self administer. I used breath control and reciting "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want . . ." and next thing I was fast asleep. Sleep was my pain relief. I got the neighbor kids to run a couple doors down to this care home and ask them if I could borrow their wheel chair. Couldn't walk on my foot for 10 weeks. Started going around the block in the wheel chair. First walk around the block took 1-2 hours where I took wheel chair with me to sit down every few feet. It was actually my back giving me trouble after not walking for so long. Every day got a little better and I did my own foot exercise type therapy. It was 2 years before my foot felt 100% recovered as in normal strength.

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