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Andy are You an Expat, or Traveler? McDonalds Send Money

I really don't like the word expat, although I've learned to tolerate it. And unfortunately I use the word expat all the time. I suspect this because, most of the expats do like the word, therefore, I am just mirroring what they want to hear. Yet that reminds me of a person that says they hate their mother or father. Something I don't mind hearing from a 13 year old, but don't want to hear from a 55 year old, time to come to grips with life. to be angry at a country, to feel really deep resentment towards the country, is to me relatively a person who's lost the plot. There are people that can understand the the story of life, and some that are always trying to figure it out, there is a plot, and it's relatively simple. thank you your friend Andy Lee Graham.