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Advice for 50 Year Plus Woman Going to Philippinnes


Advice for 50 Year Plus Woman Going to Philippinnes


Mindanao is the island that has issues with Islamic extremists/kidnappers for money... It is a pretty big island and there are pockets of high risk, not the entire island. If you were saying Jimenez it should be fine as according to Wikipedia it is a Catholic town of about 25,000.,_Misamis_Occidental

There are plenty of other islands in the Philippines and I personally have no reason or desire (risk avoidance) to go to the island but many expats do. I am actually living about 120 miles from Jimenez on the next island to the north called Negros, just outside of Dumaguete City (the airport supports full sized jets and there is a ferry terminal with many destinations daily, including Cebu to my East and Mindanao to the South. There are many local foods I do not care for but there are several I find quite enjoyable which is much the same that I find anywhere.


I would agree its safe - its near Ozamis - I have been there - I think its safe there in that part of Mindanao.

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